Standard Features

Maximum call capacity per client is not limited by legacy Telkom infrastructure.

Call Queue

Incoming callers can be held in a queue while they listen to a customizable recorded message. The caller can be sent to voicemail or redirected to another extension if no one picks up.

Multi-Company Receptionist

One receptionist can answer calls from predetermined PSTN/IP lines, each identified to a specific company.

Simultaneous Ring

While covering several managers’ extensions, a receptionist’s phone will ring simultaneously with each extension, showing which manager is being called, with the caller ID.

Extension Status

A receptionist’s phone can be used to monitor multiple managers’ phones providing information on the extension’s status (off-hook, on-hook, ringing) before taking action.

Call Pickup

Pickup groups may be defined with a group of extensions. Any phone in the office can be used to answer a call that is ringing on another extension within the pickup group.

Call Hunt

Allows calls to ring in on several lines so that the first available person can answer.

Auto Attendant with Interactive Voice Response

An interactive response (IVR) system replaces the human operator and directs callers to the appropriate extensions or mailboxes.

Call Hold

Keeps one line "off hook" and connected while the user makes or receives a call on another line. The user can take the original part off hold and resume the conversation.

Call Transfer

Transfer enables a user to forward an incoming call to another telephone or extension.

Call Waiting

Signals a recipient that he has an incoming call on an engaged line and allows him to hold his current call, in favour of taking the second one and then switching back to his original caller.

Three-way Conferencing

Allows the caller and two other parties to speak together on one connection.

Call Park

When a call is placed in “park” is put on hold at a specific extension number to be resumed by someone at another phone. That person can pick up the call by keying the displayed extension number.

Direct Transfer to a Voicemail Box

Allows a caller to be transferred directly to the voicemail of another user.

Call Blocking

Prevents calls from reselected numbers from ringing through, giving users the opportunity to avoid unwanted callers.

Hiding Caller ID

A caller can block her phone number from being identified by the call recipient.

Do Not Disturb

User instructs PBX to route all his incoming calls directly to mail. The phone on his desk does not ring.

Receive Notification of System Events via Text Message

Choose to receive notice of “events” (calls, mails, etc.) from the PBX to your mobile phone as a text message.

Voice Mail

PrinteAlso known as a VMS, mail is a centralized system of managing phone messages for a group of people. Voice mail allows users to receive, answer and manage their phone messages from different locations, sometimes tailoring a response to different callers.

Call Forwarding

Allows users to program the PBX to automatically redirect incoming calls to another number--a mobile phone or home phone for example.


Callers who get a busy signal will be alerted if the line they are calling becomes available during a specified period of time. A distinctive ring functions as an alert for when the call is connected. One need only pick up the phone to be connected to the number they were trying to reach.

Speed Dial

The user "saves" frequently called numbers so that they can be dialled with an assigned shortcut of two or three digits.

Hold Music (WAV File Upload)

Allows callers to hear music or a recorded message while on hold or waiting for other participants to arrive .

VoIP stands for 'Voice over Internet Protocol' which is a technology that allows you to make phone calls using your Internet connection instead of your regular fixed line phone service. It is also referred to as Voice over IP, Broadband phone or Internet phone service.

Enhanced Features

The Hosted PBX is designed for small and larger businesses with a need for VoIP SIP extensions over internet connections.

Call Recording

The Call Recording is a purchasable feature supplied for the Hosted VoIP PBX.
This service is used to record PBX or SIP calls on the hosted PBX and stored either locally for a calendar month on the PBX using internal memory or on an external (FTP) server for 12 or 24 month period (Contract Based).

Depending on the specific VoIP PBX solution required, this feature can support up to 32 extensions of simultaneous recorded calls.

Calls are recorded by pushing the record button on an IP Phone, programming specific extensions to be recorded or recording every active call. Calls made to the auto attendant, voicemail or that are pure pass-through cannot be recorded.

Automatic Call Distribution

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) is a purchasable feature to support call centre environments allowing for more customizable call distribution management. Adding this feature to your profile will allow phone extensions systems to be used as an IP call centre.

Calls can now be distributed a number of different ways as described below:

  • All Agent Ringing - All of the Agents’ phones ring simultaneously.
  • Round Robin - Each of the Agents’ phones are sequentially tried.
  • Longest Idle - Call is sent to the Agent who has been idle the longest since their last call.
  • Less Busy During Last Half Hour - Averaged over the last 30 minutes, the Agent that has been less busy will receive the call.
  • Random Hunting - The Agents are selected at random.
  • Skills - The Agent who has the highest composite skill grade will receive the call.

Barge In

Three unique features will be enabled when the Barge-in license is activated. Silent Monitoring, Agent Whisper and Supervisor Barge-in will be available as enhanced features for authorized users on the VoIP PBX. These features do not require the ACD Activation module to be purchased and can be used with regular user extensions on the Hosted PBX Hosted VoIP PBX Offering.

  • Silent Monitoring: The Supervisor will be able to listen in on a call by dialling *91+extension number. With this option users may only listen to the other party’s call, and there is no audible notification..
  • Whisper Mode: The Supervisor will be able to listen in on a call and advise the agent on things to say to the caller. The Supervisors comments are only heard by the Agent. The Supervisor can active Whisper Mode by dialling *92+extension number. The extension dialled will hear an audible tone to notify the single user that someone has joined the call.
  • Barge In: An ACD Supervisor will be able to join an established call and have a 3-way call by dialing *93+extension number. All participants will hear an audible tone to notify that another party has joined the call.

Audio Conference Bridge

An integrated conferencing feature is available for the on the Hosted PBX Hosted VoIP PBX.

Depending on the specific requirement of the client, a maximum of 64 conferencing ports can be added with purchasable agreements onto any existing contract with Hosted PBX.

The number of available ports determines how many active users can be on the individual conference bridge at one time. More than 64 unique conference bridges can be configured per system for use by authorized owners.

Video Conferencing

Audio conferencing has always been the method for group communication, especially for remote users. Today video is more affordable and offers an additional return on investment when addressing remote communication needs. The ability to visually describe something or determine moods and gestures greatly increases the effectiveness of remote communication.

Video conferencing is available on all VoIP SIP extensions from Hosted PBX. After activating the appropriate feature clients will have the ability to make Video calls through selected desktop phones or by purchasing dedicated hardware for their board rooms. (Please Note. Client must have purchased the audio conferencing licenses).

Currently Hosted PBX support the following:

    Simultaneous Video Conferences:
  • Eight 2 video conference participants
  • Four 4 video conference participants
  • Two x 8 video conference participants
  • One x 16 video conference participants in all active conferences.

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