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Paul Wheeler

Serving global customers across a wide variety of geographies, Paul has worked for some of the largest OEM companies which include: NCR; Hewlett Packard; Sun Microsystems, Cisco and Avaya. Paul has spent more than a decade focusing on the African continent, has spent 6 years working across the Middle East and Levant, and has spent 5 years in the Asia Pacific region, driving global IT projects to fruition. Apart from direct selling to the world's largest corporates and governments, Paul has managed global ecosystems relationships with SI’s and Cloud players; global ITO companies such as Tata Consulting and Wipro; global consulting organisations such as Accenture and Deloitte; and a wide array of global ISV’s such as SAP and Microsoft.

Paul holds a bachelor of commerce degree from Rhodes University majoring in Economics and Clinical Psychology, and is an avid sports enthusiast.

Morne Spies

Morne has extensive experience in the SME service delivery & IT Support industry and he excels with delivering great customer service.

His professional history spans the IT Solutions, IT Sales, Support and Consulting areas with the following focal points: Managed Services, Internet, Email, inCloud Backup, Internet Security (Firewalls), Cloud PABX, Cloud Solutions, Fibre over WiFi Internet, ESET Antivirus, Microsoft (Azure, O365, SharePoint) to mention a few.

Christo Pretorius

Dedicated and motivated professional with proven leadership and organizational skills. Christo thrives in an innovative and fast paced environment with a passion for technology, strong entrepreneurial & operational traits and a dedicated focus in streamlining business processes.

Christo has extensive experience in corporate service delivery, servicing customers such as Discovery Holdings for 8+ years with a broad skillset ranging from Printer Hardware & Software, Document Management, Managed IT Support, Server Support, Website Development, Web Application Development & Graphic Design. He is responsible for all aspects of the Cloud Solutions division of the business with a strong focus on Microsoft CSP (Cloud Solutions Provider).

Eloise Willemse

Experienced Business Partner with a demonstrated history working in the Information Technology, Customer Service & Telecommunications industry. Eloise has strong business development skills and has helped develop some of our core beliefs and skills that we funnel into our existing clients and new business development. With this comes her skills to project manage all projects.

She has experience with companies like Morvest Secure Solutions - Managing MTN Projects for Building, Security, Managed Services, Business Secure Solutions etc.

Herman Schultz

Equipped with extensive experience in security services for both Business- and Home owners, accompanied with a sound Financial- and Information Technology (IT) Management background, he thrives on ensuring service delivery excellence that ultimately results in client satisfaction. His motto is “doing the right things right all the time”. Zero tolerance for poor product- and service delivery is manifested in providing “best value for money” at affordable rates.

His profession accounts for honesty beyond reproach (business integrity) and job fulfillment “as if you are doing it for yourself”. He furthermore leverages on business qualities that effectively provide for a sustained long-life business / client relationship that equally benefits of both his business and associated clientele.

Herman is a qualified architectural draughtsman, loves spending time with family and friends and being outdoors.

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